Adelphi Breath of Highlands 2007, 0,7 lt


Adelphi Breath of Highlands 2007, 0,7 lt

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94,95 / Flasche(n)
1 l = 135,64 €
1 l = 135,64 €

12-Year-Old Highland 52.7 Vol., refill sherry

1 of only 556 bottles

A colour of an old grand piano. Straight away the nose delivers oodles of McCowan’s Highland Toffee, in the background there are prunes, cloves, xmas mince pies and a savoury element of bread sauce. The palate brings Scottish tablet, star anise, brandy snaps, mulled wine, stewed fruits and parma violets. The finish is long, lingering and slightly drying.

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The Adelphi Distillery Ltd., Ardnamurchan Distillery Glenbeg, Ardnamurchan, PH36 4JG

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