THE E&K 5y Scotch Indian Fusion Malt Whisky 0,7 lt

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1 l = 184,29 €


THE E&K - 5 year old Scotch Indian Fusion Malt Whisky 57.8% vol

1 of only 800 bottles, bourbon/sherry

Vibrant copper gold (spun honey) with amber light with moderate beading.

Some nose prickle; nose drying. Very ripe tropical fruits to the fore (mango, papaya, pineapple) on a dry wood base (tea chest, faded sandalwood). Scents reminiscent of India, until you add water, when it becomes more Speyside-like: Sweet, sooty smoke and moorland scents, fused with spices, coconut, milk chocolate and lingering hessian.

At natural strength, the taste is honey-sweet and surprisingly rich. Fruit salad with a chilli-powder finish; Arbroath Smokies combine well with Highland Toffee and dark chocolate. 

In the finish, distant peat fires, bitter chocolate, exotic spices and dusty fruit.

The E&K replaces the previous Kincardine name. This edition is made up of 2 barrels of Amrut, 1 barrel of Ardmore and part of a sherry butt of Glenrothes

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Malt Whisky
The Adelphi Distillery Ltd., Ardnamurchan Distillery Glenbeg, Ardnamurchan, PH36 4JG


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