Adelphi Clynelish 20y, cask 11449, 0,7l


Adelphi Clynelish 20y, cask 11449, 0,7l

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1 l = 242,86 €

20 year old Highland 50.6% vol

1 of only 257 bottles from bourbon cask 11449

A Deep gold, old Muscat wine colour; Excellent beading.  From a refill Bourbon hogshead.

Classic Clynelish – waxed cotton jackets and fragrant (red apples, dewy moorland), and more smoky than usual.

Smooth, teeth coating texture and a sweet, slightly salty taste, with scented fondant and dark chocolate in the aftertaste.

Water closes down the aroma, leaving little but the keynote wax. The texture is even softer, the taste still sweet and salty, the aftertaste now adds a trace of marzipan to the fondant.

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Single Malt Whisky
The Adelphi Distillery Ltd., Ardnamurchan Distillery Glenbeg, Ardnamurchan, PH36 4JG

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