Adelphi Miltonduff 40y., cask 3726, 0,7 lt.

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1 l = 1.427,14 €

Glenborrodale Castle

Miltonduff 1982
40 Year Old Speyside Single Malt Whisky, 50,4 % Vol., 0,7 L

1 of only 224 bottles from cask 3726

Don't let the gentle colour fool you, this slumbering beauty has matured oh-so-delicately for four decades in a refill Bourbon hogshead.
Distillate driven, velvety, elegant and extremely complex.
Brimming with flavours from the orchard floor, elderflower, Chantilly cream, winegums, lilac, lime cordial and almond flour.
A dram of sumptuous quality, this will be leaving our warehouse imminently.

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Blended Malt Whisky
Adelphi Distillery Ltd., Ardnamurchan Distillery Glenbeg, Ardnamurchan,. PH36 4JG

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