Adelphi Ardmore 21y., Cask 149026, 0,7 lt.

Adelphi Ardmore 21y., Cask 149026, 0,7 lt.

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1 l = 255,71 €
1 l = 255,71 €

Glenborrodale Castle

21 year old Highland 61.0% vol

1 of only 236 bottles from bourbon cask 149026

Drawn from a refill Hogshead. White wine (Sauvignon blanc colour) with a good bead.

The aroma is faintly herbal (parsley, fresh hay, ears of wheat), with a thread of charred wood or ash as a base note. With a drop of water, the aroma becomes more mineralic.

The taste is lightly sweet and faintly salty (salt water taffy?), with smoke in the finish and aftertaste. At reduced strength, the texture is soft and smooth; the taste less salty, with a hint of coconut, then an ashy aftertaste.

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Single Malt Whisky
The Adelphi Distillery Ltd., Glenborrodale Castle, Ardnamurchan, Argyll. PH36 4JP

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